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Went to PCMC last Tuesday for our society’s community development project and I realized how much I love photographing babies and children. It’s challenging because you can’t really tell a baby to pause and smile for your camera and the photos usually end up blurred or shaky because they move a lot. But there is something in their eyes that captures me, as if I was watching a pyromusical or looking at the night sky. They seem to have the entire universe in their eyes and that’s what I want to photograph. I can’t seem find that in the eyes of the grown ups now and the thought that these children will lose it as they grow old scares me. I am hoping that as I photograph them, I am in a way preserving the wonders in their eyes.

When the darkness falls, I’ll still see your face 
Smoke gets in your eyes, that’s why you look that way 
Moon’s hiding far behind the trees 
But it’s always there, the river brings it closer to me 
Wouldn’t you like to light a fire?
We could go out and watch the stars 

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I just want one sunset at Corniche with a bubblegum ice cream topped with white chocolate sprinkles on my hand and a good book (that I’ll be reading for leisure and not for any academic purposes) on my lap. Just one peaceful sunset before exam week starts.

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waves of flood on our feet

close your eyes

and think we are at the beach

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She doesn’t have a heart you can break, or at least that’s what she thinks.

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